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VillageCare’s Treatment Adherence Program helps persons living with HIV/AIDS manage their own therapy better and to be more adherent to their medication regimen. This is accomplished through both individual treatment and group sessions, along with the use of adherence tools such as pillboxes and medication reminder watches. Program staff members provide a comfortable, non-judgmental environment where interventions are individualized.

The program promotes treatment adherence by helping those with HIV to:

  • Tailor their regimen to fit their lifestyle.
  • Use reminder tools.
  • Keep a log.
  • Get support from HIV care providers.
  • Learn about medication side effects and how to manage them.
  • Seek out the support of family and friends.
  • Keep all medical visits.
  • Develop a partnership with their HIV primary care provider.

The program uses the team approach to help individuals assess their current situation, identify barriers to adherence and establish a treatment plan. The team provides ongoing education and support.


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